Jim Morris is an enigmatic guitar player and composer who is making his mark on the shredder scene with his unique style of instrumental rock fusion.  With the release of his powerfully melodic third album "Melodrama," Jim celebrates instrumental rock with power and precision.

Jim started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Under the instruction of Bud Hanus, Jim studied blues, flat picking, rock, and shred while developing his unparalleled picking style. Additional studies in music theory and four-part harmony with Alfred Marco fused Jim’s outstanding abilities with classical composition. Jim’s musicianship courses with Jim Ohrt taught him to play with discipline and creativity in an ensemble setting while using his technical skills and harmonic understanding to create contemporary instrumental voicing.  Jim’s skills were first recognized when he was selected to perform with the Michigan All State Jazz Band in 1988. Since that time, Jim has been able to work as a professional guitarist with ease.

Playing professionally has afforded Jim the opportunity to pursue his interest in the art of composing and recording instrumental fusion.  Beginning in 1993 thru present day, Jim is continuing to churn out what has now become a massive library of music.  Jim began collaborating with drummer/percussionist Al Towle in 2002.  This combination forged three album releases, "Jim Morris Band" in 2004, "Lamentia" in 2008 and "Melodrama" in 2013.

The ability to create unforgettable melodies and merge them with complete orchestral movements using his own unique guitar voice has led to Jim Morris making a name for himself on the instrumental guitar scene.


“Great guitar playing, excellent technique with a lot of feeling”
Michael Angelo

“A lot of chops. Definitely a shredder”
Tony McAlpine

“Jim Morris is the best guitarist in Michigan”
David Neil Cline

“Great tone, great licks, a phenomenal shredder”
Alex Skolnick

“I am very glad I got to listen to Jim’s music”
Joe Satriani

"You are one great guitar player/musician"
Bruce Bouillet


Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Pick-ups in the neck and bridge, no middle pick-up, three way switch
D'Addario Strings
GHS/Boomers Strings
Dunlop 2.0 gatorgrip guitar picks
Fender instrument/speaker cables
Monster instrument/speaker cables
Fender guitar straps

Boss Super Overdrive SD1, Boss Super Octave OC3, Boss Chromatic Tuner Tu2
Ibanez Flanger
TC Electronics Hall Of Famer Reverb
Morley Bad Horse Wah-Wah Pedal
Shure SM57 microphone
Audix I5 microphone
Tone Shop High Gain Custom Jim Morris Signature Model
Pedaltrain HCPT2
Crate 4X12
Celesteion 12" Speakers
Mackie Thump powered 12" powered monitor

Boss BR 600 recorder
ADA MP1 Classic Pre Amp
Alesis 3630 compressor, Alesis MEQ230 equalizer
Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor
Boss DR5
Dean Espana Classical Guitar
Fender Precision Bass
Manasset music stands
Roland MA8 Stereo Micromonitor
AKG K99 stereo headphones
Line 6 Pod
Boss CS1 Compression Sustainer
Kurzweil pro keyboard